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DFC vs MM Friendly
A friendly against Mere Mortals has been arranged for this Sunday at 9:00pm. All DFC members are asked to meet up in IRC by 8:45pm at the latest. With any luck, this should turn into a regular event, giving us the practise we obviously need.
A friendly against The Gib Chasers is also in the process of being arranged - watch this space.

MCW Cup Draw
The draw for the MCW cup has been announced - we face The Gib Chasers in the preliminary round, which is to be played on Sunday August 30th at 1:30pm. Both our new signings, DF-Mirage and DF-EvilGoblin are eligible to play in this encounter.

MCW Season 4 - Week 9
We lost our last match in our first MCW season last night against the Nutters. Details in the Results section. Nuff said...

We have entered the MCW Cup which kicks off on Saturday 29th August, should be fun...

The next season of the MCW isn't scheduled to start for 6 weeks (assuming they'll have us back), so we've got plenty of time to get this teamplay thing sorted out ;)

MCW Season 4 - Week 8
DFC were unsuccessful in the MCW once again - stats and report are available on our results page.

EvilGoblin Joins DFC
Mere Mortals founder member, Evil Goblin, has joined DFC in a shock transfer move. Evil Goblin decided to make the move after 18 happy months with MM.

MCW Season 4 - Week 7
Well, following last nights defeat by M&M (186-18) we now have only 2 matches left this season in which to win our first ever Clan match and score some points!!!

DFC Guestbook Live
The Guestbook is now live....! It is accessible from our home page, please let us know you have visited and what you think of our Clan and its website. Cheers ;-)

A little used feature of the Clan Ladder has just been fixed. You can now view just the ladder matches between two players, including some chap/chappess called All ;-)

Mirage Joins DFC
Tonight Desert Fox Clan has accepted its first new member since formation!
Tonight, please welcome DF-Mirage !!!
Tonight Desert Fox Clan begins its climb up the MCW... (well in two weeks after the transfer freeze ;-)

Updating Site Content
By the way Clansters - If you want to use any of these features to change the database then *** do it on the live site *** The database on the testing site is,... well for testing purposes :-)

Tip : when entering text you can now use apostrawhatsits because Mesmer's written some clever search and replace code to handle them. You can also use other HTML tags e.g. br and P tags

Web Site Updates
DFCoders have been hard at work over the w/e to produce new Web Site goodies, Clan members can now:

* Delete ladder results (in case you want to wind Gobs up ;-)
* Submit, amend and delete News items online - keep it relevant lads...
* A player locations page listing current server and port is just awaiting Gamespy 2.02, currently in beta.
* Online submission of Match results will be ready later this week.

We have almost got through the whole site now so if anyone has any ideas for new dynamic content mail DF-RommelReubs, DF-Mesmer or DF-Skonley...

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