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It's BobLAN Day
BobLAN 2021.4 setup day starts today. Well, for some it started yesterday :) First breakfast done, now onto the beer and gaming...

FarCry 6 Gameplay Demo
A 30 minute gameplay demo of FarCry 6, due for release next month, is available on Shacknews. The demo shows the early parts of the game and some of the NPC interactions, including an alligator that's thankfully on your side! Needless to say, the game looks stunning, and is all the better for returning to its usual island setting with plenty of foliage and water effects.

View the demo over on Shacknews

BobLAN 2021.4 Update
With a month to go until BobLAN gets underway, the rules regarding entry have been agreed:
  • Only those double-jabbed are allowed
  • Take a lateral flow test before setting off
  • Further LFTs will be taken during the weekend
  • Undervoltage your RTX30xx to avoid excessive power draw :)

IEM Cologne 2021 Groups
The group stages for the Intel Extreme Masters in Cologne have completed this weekend and the playoffs lineup has been set. View group stage results and the playoffs draw on the IEM Cologne page

The playoffs are due to start on Friday 16th July at 3pm and will be streamed live on Twitch - esl_csgo

Undervolting a 3080
It is a well known fact that the new Nvidia 3000 series graphics cards run hot. That's not a good thing - heat means faster, louder fans, more ambient heat which may affect the CPU, and fluctuations in core clock as it gets throttled and unthrottled. There is a simple way to reduce heat without sacrificing much performance - undervolting.

We've seen this work very well on recent Ryzen chips, and it also works well on graphics cards. Following the instructions in the link below, I have reduced core temps by about 6-7 degrees, fan speed never exceeds 50% and even the coil whine seems to have been eliminated. I ended up with 825mV at 1800MHz which has so far proved stable in Port Royal, Control (RTX+DLSS) and Battlefield V (RTX). It takes a couple of hours, although most of that is letting the Port Royal stress test run to completion several times.

Follow the guide on

Steam Summer Sale
The annual Steam Summer Sale is now on and runs until 8th July. Spend your CS:GO crate earnings on the Steam Store

QWAN Underway
QWAN started yesterday with a mix of Assetto Corsa for those who like driving games, and PUBG for those who don't. The evening was rounded off with some CS:GO and a return to Team Fortress 2 in Mann vs Machine mode.

It's QWAN Day
Today marks the start of QWAN - hopefully the final virtual WAN party ahead of a return to BobLAN proper. Follow the event on Discord and here on our QWAN page.

The Making of Quake
Quite a long read and bits of this will likely have been seen before, but Shacknews have published interviews and commentary from staff at iD software in the early 90's to give an insight into the thought processes behind Quake and how it evolved from their earlier creations. Have a read over at The Making of Quake Part 1

More Nvidia Cards You Can't Get
Nvidia recently announced the RTX3070Ti and RTX3080Ti cards, which will sit in between existing cards in the 30xx range. Prices for the FE editions will also be in between others in the range, however AIB manufacturers may charge a lot more.

The 3080Ti is due for release on 3rd June 2021 with the 3070Ti a week later. Good luck!

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