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QWAN Underway
QWAN started yesterday with a mix of Assetto Corsa for those who like driving games, and PUBG for those who don't. The evening was rounded off with some CS:GO and a return to Team Fortress 2 in Mann vs Machine mode.

It's QWAN Day
Today marks the start of QWAN - hopefully the final virtual WAN party ahead of a return to BobLAN proper. Follow the event on Discord and here on our QWAN page.

The Making of Quake
Quite a long read and bits of this will likely have been seen before, but Shacknews have published interviews and commentary from staff at iD software in the early 90's to give an insight into the thought processes behind Quake and how it evolved from their earlier creations. Have a read over at The Making of Quake Part 1

More Nvidia Cards You Can't Get
Nvidia recently announced the RTX3070Ti and RTX3080Ti cards, which will sit in between existing cards in the 30xx range. Prices for the FE editions will also be in between others in the range, however AIB manufacturers may charge a lot more.

The 3080Ti is due for release on 3rd June 2021 with the 3070Ti a week later. Good luck!

QuakeWorld Demos
You get a Youtube channel, so what do you do with it? You convert all your old QuakeWorld demos of course! We have a mix of MCW matches and friendlies with Mere Mortals in our QuakeWorld playlist

DFC Youtube Channel
DFC now has its own Youtube channel, primarily for game captures from Friday nights. There are playlists per game, currently including CS:GO, PUBG, GRID and Assetto Corsa. Head over to Youtube and get subscribed!

BobLAN 2021.4 Dates
Yup, that's right - we're planning a physical BobLAN later this year! Covid permitting, it is due to start Thursday 23rd September and run until the Sunday. Assuming it all goes ahead, you can follow the schedule on the usual BobLAN page.

DFC 23 Today
It's quite fitting that DFC should get a new outfit just before its birthday. Also great to see that many of the original QW squad are still playing on Friday nights alongside all our newer members. Long may it continue!

QWAN 2021.3 Dates
Date voting for QWAN (not WANQ as some wanted) has now closed, and the selected weekend is Thursday 17th to Saturday 19th June. More information regarding games to follow nearer the time, and you'll be able to follow the event on the QWAN page

Updated Site Header
Massive thanks to Trebz and Bean for some amazing graphics work. We now have a new DFC fox logo and header image, plus a few tweaks to the CSS here and there. They will also make their way onto all our social channels over the coming days!

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