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BobWAN 2020.1 Testing
The first BobLAN of 2020 should be starting three weeks today, however this will now be a wholly online event. We've been testing out game server options for CS:GO and QuakeWorld, and for the most part those tests have been successful. Testing has been every Friday evening from around 9pm, and will continue throughout the lockdown.

Game and server details will be posted in the schedule on the BobLAN page over the weekend, and also on the Friday Gaming page as a simple list of servers.

As well as the standard FPS games, we'll also be trying out the online versions of popular board games - things like Ticket to Ride, Carcasonne etc - should be fun!

BobWAN 2020.1 Update
It is now almost certain that the first BobLAN of 2020 will actually be a BobWAN due to the Covid 19 outbreak and subsequent movement restrictions. Whist social distancing might sound like a geek's paradise, it means that we will not be able to gather for the weekend like we usually do.

The plan so far is to still use the time we've all booked off work, but to play remotely instead. Many of the games we play support cloud-based server hosting or renting, so we should be fine there. We will be using Discord for comms, both over the weekend and in the build-up. An invite to the Discord server was posted in the BobLAN Geeks Facebook group.

More details will follow, so check back here periodically or join the Discord group.

Black Mesa 1.0
Friday saw the release of the first non-beta version of Black Mesa, complete right to the finale. There have been many fixes and improvements over the recent Xen update, including an overhaul of the opening menu screens and the addition of a quicksave option.

As with previous updates, this one breaks compatibility with previous saved games. If you were part-way through the game, you can start at any chapter you like (albeit with a default set of weapons, ammo and health, and not with what you had before).

Overall feedback is very positive, particularly on the earlier levels. However, the difficulty of Gonarch's Lair is ridiculous, and has caused many to post on the forums that it's taken the fun out of it. For my part, I spent about half an hour on that level at the weekend and couldn't get anywhere with it, so looks likely that I will have to skip to the next chapter which is a shame.

IEM Katowice 2020 Final
In a day of shock defeats, following Liverpool's loss at Watford, it was a resurgent Na'Vi that knocked Astralis out in the semi-finals to set up a final against G2 Esports. Astralis were never really in it, in contrast to G2's tight match against Fnatic.

The best-of-five final starts today at 4pm, which you can watch via the ESL_CSGO Twitch channel, or on the ESL Event app.

IEM Katowice 2020 Underway
This year's IEM Pro Tour event in Katowice started on Monday with the opening round. The semi-finals are on Saturday 29th February and the final is on Sunday 1st March.

Follow the action on the ESL Twitch channel - games start at 11:30, 14:30 and 18:00 in the first round, 14:00 and 17:55 in the semi-finals and 16:00 on Sunday for the grand final.

BobLAN 2020.1 Dates
The dates for the first BobLAN of 2020 have been confirmed as Thursday 30th April until Sunday 3rd May. Get those diaries booked!

Note that due to the imminent closure of the DFC Forums, there will be no forums topic for this LAN. Game and hardware discussions should be done via the Facebook group. As usual, you will be able to follow the LAN via our dedicated BobLAN 2020.1 page.

BobLAN 2020.1 Date Voting
Voting is currently underway to decide the dates for the first BobLAN of the decade. The weekends at the start of May and June are the current bookies' favourites :)

A full announcement together with all the usual content will follow once voting is complete.

Black Mesa Xen
After what seems like years of waiting, the Xen update for Black Mesa was released this morning. It is a 10GB download, so they have likely changed other things too. More info to follow after some game time...

Steam Winter Sale
Steam's annual Winter Sale is now underway with some great deals for the older games. Games like Rainbow Six Siege, Sniper Ghost Warrior bundle and The Witcher 3 can all be had for under a tenner. Wreckfest is also down by 60% for those who may want it for a second account.

Head over to the Steam Store to bag yourself a Christmas bargain!

CS:GO Operation Shattered Web
A new feature of CS:GO has been revealed today - Operation Shattered Web will allow you to earn the ability to use any of the CT or T player models on any map, rather than being forced to use the default ones on each map. You can also earn new weapon skins, knives, graffiti and other pointless stuff. Needless to say, you have to pay for it. You can achieve the rewards without paying, but won't be able to actually use them until you have.

The announcement is here on Steam and full details with some pretty graphics are on the Shattered Web page.

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