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Nvidia 4000 Series
Nvidia's press conference today announced a date for the RTX4090 and approximate dates for the RTX4080 and RTX4070. The 4090 will launch on 12th October and set you back $1599, only $100 up on the 3090. The 4080 launches in November and will be around $899 although the different flavours offered by the AIBs will see quite a variation in final pricing.

For more details, some numbers and a slice of common sense, go watch JayzTwoCents video on the upcoming releases.

BobLAN Internet Status
Some good news for once - following some maintenance work by Virgin on 5th September, Bob's internet (and Daz's) seems a whole lot better. As you all know, he's been plagued by awful connections on Friday and Tuesday gaming evenings but that all seems to have been fixed (at the expense of my own!). You can check Bob's BQM Graph via the link in Discord for an up-to-date view of his connection.

Nvidia Special Event
Nvidia are holding another of their special events on Tuesday 20th September. The last one was to announce the launch of the 3000 series graphics cards, so the expectation is that this year's event will be for the 4000 series. If you are interested, catch the event live over at Nvidia when the time comes.

10 Years of CS:GO
To mark 10 years of CS:GO, ESL have put together a compilation of some of the best moments from competitive CS over the period. Well worth a watch over on Youtube

FaZe Win IEM Cologne
FaZe Clan win IEM Cologne 2022 and it couldn't have been any closer. Twitch will be streaming the reruns over the coming days - watch it if you get the chance!

IEM Cologne 2022
The final 6 teams for the playoffs for IEM Cologne 2022 have been decided following this weekend's group stages. As usual, you can follow the event starting on Friday 15th July on the @IEM Twitter and also over on Twitch

IEM Dallas 2022
If you are interested in watching some pro CS:GO, head over to Twitch for the live stream and follow the results, draw and schedules via @IEM on Twitter for this year's IEM Dallas event. The group stages finish tomorrow, the quarter finals start on the main stage on Friday, rounding off with the grand final on Sunday 5th June. Utility FTW!!1

Nvidia 4000 Rumours
Jayz has done a talking head video detailing rumours of the next generation of Nvidia graphics card - the 4000 series. The video talks about the architecture alongside comparisons with the current 3000 series. Given the last generation's release issues, buyers wanting a graphics card today are not advised to wait - board manufacturers will likely cut production of previous generations to concentrate on 4000 series and end up reversing the recent improvements in availability. Therefore right now may be the best time to buy, albeit at slightly above MSRP.

Watch what I'm sure will be the first of many 4000 series videos over on JaysTwoCents

Ocean Software Founder Dies
For those of us who grew up gaming on the home computers of the 1980's, Ocean Software will bring back memories of hammering your keyboard to destruction in Daley Thompson's Decathlon, or trying to jump across the battlements in Hunchback. They produced a raft of great games covering many varied genres. Sadly it was announced yesterday that Ocean`s co-founder David Ward passed away.

You can read a bit more about the history of Ocean over on Shacknews

BobLAN Dates Announced
In an astonishing display of forward planning and decision making, the next two BobLAN dates have been confirmed. They are:
  • 10th-13th November 2022
  • 27th-30th April 2023
It was generally agreed that the Mayday bank holiday weekend was a good one due to the extra day afterwards, and the November date fits nicely after all half term breaks around the country.

Only 188 days to go until the next one!!

BobLAN 2022.2 Roundup
Another brilliant weekend comes to an end, but we will always have the memories. Here are a few of the standout moments from the event:
  • Pup's floppy nipple
  • Bob's bad back :(
  • Trebz's keyboard woes - wired FTW
  • Themy and the PUBG emergency pickup
  • Postman Tap?!
  • Daz's egg count fail
  • Voltsa only lasting half an hour in CS:GO on his first day
  • The intense Splitgate match
  • Playing Codenames on the PC because it was "quicker" than setting up the board game
  • Themy's pot of money at the side of his bed
  • Ordering techniques in the Pup Quiz
  • Themy booting the front panel off his PC
  • Mesmer leaving the hot glue gun to cool - in the sun
  • Bob, Pup and Bean playing Sam Fox Strip Poker
  • Pizza and Pi
  • Quatoria running off in Back4Blood. Again
  • Questionable stocks of Vocation beer
  • Unquestionable quality breakfasts
For a reminder of the gaming schedule and a link to some photos, head to the BobLAN 2022.2 page

No roundup would be complete without thanks to the hosts - amazing effort once again Bob and Lynda, all despite you buggering up your back a week before. Also thanks to Braddy and Max for bringing the Scottish food and the crispy buns!

BobLAN Week
It's BobLAN week - make sure you fire up all your game managers before setting off to avoid killing Bob's network. There will be some big downloads if you haven't played those games in a while.

BobLAN 2022.2 in 3 Weeks
The first physical LAN of the year is fast approaching, with just over 3 weeks to go. Bob is doing his usual early prep with food, gaming rigs and accommodation. Can't wait...

Operation Riptide Ends
CS:GO's Operation Riptide ended yesterday, alongside a few map changes in the official pool. Basalt, Ravine, Extraction, Insertion II and County are out, to be replaced by Iris, Climb, Crete, Hive, Vineyard and Ember. These new maps span the various game types, so not all are suitable for the DFC map rotation.

Read full details on the CS:GO Blog

IEM Katowice 2022
For those who follow pro e-sports, the Intel Extreme Masters event at Katowice starts today. This is one of the biggest CS:GO events on the calendar and you can watch how it should be done on the ESL CS:GO Twitch stream

WANgry Starts Today
Feeling a bit annoyed? Maybe even a little cross? Then you've come to the right place - our WANgry WAN party starts this afternoon. Meet up on Discord, follow the schedule on the WANgry page and vent your anger!

BobLAN 2022.2 Dates
Voting has concluded for the dates for the first full BobLAN of the year. The selected weekend is the one starting Thursday 28th April, by far the most popular choice. The usual BobLAN Page is up ready for the occasion, with more to follow on game options as the date draws nearer.

Steam Lunar New Year Sale
Steam have started their latest sale to mark the lunar new year. You can get games like Cyberpunk 2077, Metro Exodus, Doom Eternal and Vermintide 2 for half-price or less, although half of a lot is still quite a lot. Head over to the Steam Store to find out more.

WANgry Dates Set
The first remote gaming weekend of 2022 has been arranged for 10th-12th February. As usual, follow the schedule and view screenshots from the dedicated WANgry page

Forza Horizon 5 and Minecraft on Game Pass
Microsoft have announced that Forza Horizon 5 is now available on Xbox Game Pass for both console and PC: Forza Horizon 5

They have also added both Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft to Game Pass for PC at last - previously you could only get Minecraft Dungeons. This should allow RTX-enabled PCs to play the enhanced version of Minecraft, demos of which look amazing: Minecraft for PC

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