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Counter-Strike 2 Is Here
Counter-Strike Global Offensive has been one of the longest serving multiplayer games there has ever been, having been originally released back in 2012. It has been a mainstay of BobLANs, and more recently Friday Night Gaming courtesy of Pup's cloud servers. However its time is up, and overnight it was replaced in Steam by Counter-Strike 2, based on a modern engine and featuring many new graphical and gameplay improvements.

All that said, it is expected that the majority of the gameplay will still feel familiar to CSGO players and the transition should be seamless provided your PC has the clout to maintain a high frame rate in the more demanding game.

If you want to see some comparisons between CSGO and CS2, then I recommend watching the videos on 3kliksphilip, who provides some great analysis of how maps and gameplay have changed throughout the CS2 beta programme.

Will we still be playing CS2 in 13 years time? Who knows, and maybe then it will be the next next generation taking us pensioners to the cleaners every Friday night :D

Warzone Season 6 Notes
Following yesterday's release of Modern Warfare 2 Season 6, it turns out there are far more changes than expected. Some of the Buy Station items have risen massively in price, with an Advanced UAV rising from $12k to $200k. Large Backpacks and 3-Plate Carriers have almost doubled in price whilst the Ammo Box has risen by 5x its original price.

Many weapons have seen buffs and nerfs, with most of the buffs going to the less popular weapons in a bid to bring them back into use. There is also a definite split between MWII and Warzone with how the weapons are balanced.

Another major change is that assimilation can now only result in a maximum squad size of four rather than six. Yes, it will help combat Chinese pre-made platoons but won't help squads that get wiped. This and the AUAV price will definitely favour solo players however, which is no bad thing following previous changes that harmed solos.

Plenty of bugs have been fixed, but it would come as no surprise if plenty new ones have been introduced. As stated in the terms and conditions, this is still a beta after all!

Read the full patch notes on

Warzone Season 6
Season 6 of Modern Warfare 2 arrives next week, and given that Halloween will occur mid-season, it definitely has a horror theme. The main highlights, taken from, are:
  • Two Core, two Gunfight Maps at launch. Deploy to one new original and one returning map in both Core and Gunfight, from an extravagant Las Almas estate to a classic live fire range where kings reign.
  • Two Haunting Map reskins at mid-season. El Asilo celebrates Dia de Muertos, while Embassy becomes the site of a bloody zombie attack.
  • A frightening twist on classic modes. Jump scares, skulls, zombies, and more descend on your favourite classic modes, including twisted takes on Domination, Kill Confirmed, Grind, Drop Zone, and Infected.
Not a great deal there for DMZ, but hopefully we'll see some more new missions available. No mention of any resets which is good news.

Read the full details on

Warzone Season 5
Season 5 of Modern Warfare 2 Warzone 2 arrives today with a few new very interesting features. You can read the full release note here but these are the highlights for DMZ:
  • Disguise Field Upgrade - Built for pure stealth engagements, the Disguised Field Upgrade allows you to appear as a member of a DMZ Combatant (AI) Faction. Equip the Disguise and DMZ Combatants of the same faction will not attack unless you blow your cover and act aggressively towards them.
  • Battle Revive - An experimental stimulant offering an adrenaline rush as you complete a self-revive: A Self-Revive mixed with pure Battle Rage! After using it to get up from Last Stand, it immediately activates Battle Rage’s effects, allowing you to heal more quickly. The Tactical Sprint is also constantly refreshed for a short period of time.
  • Self-Revive Box - Much like an Armour Box, this Field Upgrade holds multiple Self-Revive Kits. Perfect for squad-based infiltrations.
  • Scuba Gas Mask - This is a Gas Mask that also acts as a Rebreather, providing protection from radioactive winds, gas, and allows for underwater breathing for an extended period of time.

IEM Cologne 2023
Reminder that the Intel Extreme Masters event in Cologne starts on Wednesday 26th July. Follow it in the usual places: Twitter and Twitch (note the new channel names - ESLCS rather than ESL_CSGO)

Warzone S4 Reloaded
A major update to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has introduced a number of changes to the game, some controversial, some welcome, and along with it serious performance issues.

As usual with a CoD update, weapon stats have been updated with a few improved (eg the shotguns) and several nerfed (eg the ISO 45). Other major changes are in the plea system, map rotations and the introduction of the MX Guardian auto shotgun.

There are plenty of sources for the patch notes but here's a good read on dexerto.

Steam Summer Sale
The Steam Summer Sale is now on. Head over to the Steam Store to grab yourself a game costing slightly less than RRP!

Modern Warfare 2 Season 4
Tomorrow sees the start of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Season 4. The new season introduces a new map (Vondel, sized somewhere between Al Mazrah and Ashika) along with new weapons and changes to gameplay, storage, money etc. There are far too many changes to list here, so head over to for a roundup, or watch one of Stodeh's or Westie's videos for a gamer's perspective.

IEM Dallas 2023
The playoffs for the Intel Extreme Masters CS:GO event in Dallas start later today. The ESL Twitter account will provide full coverage and you can watch live on Twitch.

RTX4060 Details
We now have some details about the upcoming Nvidia RTX4060 series launch that starts later this month. There will be three flavours - 4060, 4060Ti (8GB) and 4060Ti (16GB). The Founders Editions will not include the 16GB Ti model, meaning you will only be able to get this from AIB manufacturers. Pricing will be equivalent to prices the the same models in the previous two generations, which is good news.

You can read all about the RTX4060 series at Nvidia and watch JayzTwoCents cover the news in his own unique style!

CS2 Fun Facts
Here are a couple of videos from 3kliksphilip highlighting some of the interesting additions in CS2 and comparing features to CS:GO. Some are fairly benign but others will impact gameplay substantially.

Here are the links to the first and second videos in this series so far.

BobLAN 2023.1 Roundup
Another BobLAN is over and if anyone else feels the way I do, you will have gone from childlike excitement before to abject dispair after :)

What a LAN though?! In terms of numbers this one is up there with the best attended - we had 19 playing CS:GO on Friday, followed by 20 taking part in the Pup Quiz. Amazing! Bob confirmed that we had 15 people staying over plus the locals who walked there each day and a few joining remotely.

In terms of the games played, the new kid on the block was Call of Duty Warzone 2 - great fun but not many can play at once. Of the regular games, CS:GO did well, as did Wreckfest and the GRIDs. We also played some PUBG, Battlefield 1 and 2042, Titanfall 2 and Team Fortress 2. There was no Back4Blood, Left4Dead or Rockband this time. Outside of gaming, we did watch all of the coverage of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix over the course of the weekend. View the full schedule on our BobLAN page.

Food was the usual excellent standard, particularly the breakfasts, Thursday curry/chilli and Friday pulled pork, and for the first time in a while all takeaway food was present and correct! Not only was the food great, BobLAN Premium customers could also take advantage of the new PC cleaning service :)

As usual, huge thanks to Bob and Lynda for hosting us and giving us the ability to meet up and keep in touch with each other - very much appreciated by all!

BobLAN 2023.1 Update
The first day went way too quickly, and the big hit was Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Warzone 2 - the free-to-play squad-based FPS. Other games to feature included CS:GO (of course), PUBG and Wreckfest. The full schedule is available on the BobLAN page and on Discord.

BobLAN Underway
BobLAN 2023.1 is officially underway. Early setup was last night and the majority of gamers have started arriving today!

DFC Silver Jubilee
This should be a bank holiday! It is 25 years to the day that a bunch of geeks gathered round desks in Tech Support and decided to form a QuakeWorld clan to take the MCW by storm. That part didn't exactly go to plan, but thanks to LAN parties first at Reubs' house, then chez-Bob and more recently on Pup's AWS servers, we have stayed together as a group, and even grown as the next generation has come on board.

Will we still be having BobLANs in another 25 years time? Who knows!

One Week to BobLAN
It is now only one week to BobLAN 2023.1. Safe travels to all those attending, and those joining remotely will be able to keep up via the usual channels - Discord, Twitter and our dedicated BobLAN page.

RTX4070 Launch
Today sees the worldwide launch of the Nvidia RTX4070. The starting price, presumably for the Founders Edition, is £589 - midway between the RTX3070 and RTX3080. If you want to see benchmarks, watch this video on JayzTwoCents - it shows the 4070 beating the 3080 at lower resolutions but lagging a little behind at 1440p and above. However, as more games support DLSS version 3 then the 4070 is likely to jump ahead.

Another important factor in current times is power draw, and amazingly the RTX4070 uses a lot less power than the previous generation. This is covered towards the end of Jay's video.

If you want the official take on the card and technology is utilises, read Nvidia's article covering the release.

Steam LAN File Transfer
With BobLAN fast approaching, it makes sense to use the new feature that was added to the Steam Client last month - file transfers over LAN. To enable it, open up Steam settings, select Download and set the Game File Transfer setting to Steam Friends:

Steam LAN File Transfer

CS2 for 2024 Majors
The Counter-Strike community has announced that the major tournaments will switch from CS:GO to CS2 from March 2024. Exciting times! See CS2 on the Twitter

6 Weeks to BobLAN
It's only six weeks to the first BobLAN of 2023 - get those upgrades done! The BobLAN page is up and counting down!

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