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Goblin Pulls
EvilGoblin has gone and gotten himself a girl....those of you who know Gobs to be the vulgar and smelly little man that he is will be shocked at the amount of effort he puts in to be charming in her company.

The courtship was well worth the price of admission as two more drunk people have rarely been seen together. Nice one. :-)

DFC Web Site Move
This site has today moved home as part of the BarrysWorld hosted site restructure. If anyone notices any problems with the site as a result of the move, eg broken links, please mail Mesmer.

BobLAN 2000 Roundup
The Easter LAN party at Bob's (aka Lynx) was a resounding success. Much beer and food was consumed by all, and many games were played....including the hugely popular "bar football" game :) Thanks to Ben (Ted the Dog) for a celebrity appearance, and the rest of the DF Clan for making the effort (even Friday's footy was great !). Quake 3 Arena put in a healthy (and surprisingly popular) showing......and of course lots of UT was played by all. Unfortunately driving games were a bit thin on the ground, but a few decent Motocross madness tournies satiated some of the angst. The longest "sess"'s however, have to go to the mammoth AoK games that seemed to go on forever,.....certainly into the early hours of every morning that I can (barely) remember !! I am crap at AoK, but I enjoyed them immensely. A good time seemed to be had by everyone that turned up.....thanks to Bob for his hospitality again......and to everyone that made the weekend a success.

Gobs not only smells of poo poo but is also a sweaty hob-goblin from hell - he is also ugly , can't play games to save his tribe and doesn't even know what a beer is - need we say more ? Anon ====

BobLAN - Easter 2000
The traditional Easter LAN Party is on at Bob's this weekend. In other news, Gobs smells of poo poo.

DF-Fox Ties the Knot
Congratulations to Fox and his new wife on the happy occassion of their wedding. A splendid day was had by all - as usual the Desert Fox members were the last to leave the party after dancing and drinking the night away.

Happy 2000
Happy 2000. At least somebody remembers the good old Quake news page. Last week on DF Clan... The Clan were hiding out in old man Jeeper's beach house while the Feds investigated DF_Mesmer for arson and burglary. Hearing about their glorious leaders plight, the clan rallied at Newark rail station and proceeded to the West bay. Under cover of moonlight they tried to break into the high security stockade containing the falsified ars-burglary evidence planted by Agent Manson Mildew in a vain attempt to cover his own tracks (see episode II(12)). Could the Clan escape the beach house, using DF_Wij's new found Age of Kings skills ? Or were they destined for another night of DF_AngryDaz's tales of the time he got a frag. Watch this space for news of this week's enthralling adventures...

DF are now to enter the MCW Cup straight into round 2 following the pulling out of a couple of clans. Therefore, our first game in the competition is on Tuesday 30th November at 8:00pm against HSC (see fixture list).

Resistance is Futile
DF welcome Jace (aka The Borg) to DF for their final QW foray - the MCW Cup. We were also hoping to get Belgarion to play for us, but alas he has sold his modem.

Jace was clanless after the folding of Mere Mortals. This was unfortunate as we have had some great practice matches against them (although you could count our wins on one finger), and it was MM that helped DF get off the ground in the first place. Offloading EvilGoblin onto us wasn't exactly fair tho lads ;-)

Our first cup match has been rescheduled for Tuesday 23rd November against KTF. Should be fun :)

Unreal Tournament Demo Out

The latest UT demo (348) is out, the patch from the last one is here. If you don't have a 3dfx card (or you have, for instance, 2 voodii and a TNT2Ultra) then you'll appreciate the nicely enhanced D3D code. It now runs a fair bit faster on my Xentor32 under D3D than dual voodii under Glide.

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