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New Fox Up
New Fox of the Week - IE4 users can check it out by catching the Flying Fox...

DFC has 3000th Visitor
The DFC site has recently had it's 3000th visitor. If we knew who you were, you may have got a prize :)

DFC Away Skin Pack Up
Clansmen - the new Away skin pack is now available thanks to DF-EvilGoblin. Go to the Skins page to download them (218KB Zip file)

MCW Season 5 - Week 4
So now we know last weeks MCW win wasn't a fluke! We beat KTF by a resounding 156-55 tonight on Titan2, looks like our practice sessions with MM are starting to pay off! Full report on our results page.

Desert Fox Solutions Launch BW Server Bookings
Bit late with this one, but you may have noticed that Barrysworld's Server Booking system is now available for testing. Another product of Desert Fox Solutions we'd really like you to bug test it for us :-)

TheBorg Assimilate DFC Cup
Congratulations to MM-TheBorg for winning our DFC Challenge Cup. It was a good close game for the first half, but Skonley visited the Lava God one time too many in the second half of the game.
DF-EvilGoblin recorded a demo which will be available shortly.

Desert Fox Solutions Launch BW DialUp Reg
Desert Fox Solutions - the clan's web-heads and creators of this site, have released the Barrysworld Dial-Up account creation app for testing. Why not pop over to Barrysworld and give it a test for us. :)

MCW Season 5 - Week 3
DFC win their first ever league game :)
See results page for stats and a report.

DFC Cup Final - New Time
The DFC Cup final has been moved forward to 8:15pm this Sunday due to the MM vs DFC friendly.
Good luck to DF-Skonley and MM-TheBorg

Quake Invaders Goes Live
The first in what we hope will be many DFC games has gone live today. Select Games from the sidebar to play Quake Invaders.

Many thanks to Paul Freedman aka Freedy, DFC's Shockwave guru.

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