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DFC Clan Server
Desert Fox now have their own Clan Server!
Courtesy of DBs at Barrysworld we have the Kombat Teams mod available 24hrs a day! This supports Team matches for practice/friendlies and Duels for the Clan Ladder. Instructions and passwords will be available to Clan members soon.
Any of our friends out there who would like to borrow it - drop us a line at DFC.

DFC vs WZ Friendly
Mixed night for DFC in their friendlies against Wizzzard - see results page for stats and report.

DFC Reject Trialist
SHOCK NEWS - player not good enough to join DFC (thats a first!). Pleasant little chap going by the name Revilo, keep at it mate. One day you might reach the un-nerving status of a DFC member.

DFC Email Account
The DFC e-mail account is now available. Our address is

Ladder Optimised
Clansmen - the Ladder match result submission has been changed so as not to have to recalculate all match results to date. It now calculates from a set position in the list of ladder matches, and if ne1 needs to insert a result before this position then they must see an admin.

The moral of the story is - always submit your results straight away ;-)

We should have a full house of 9 players for Sunday's friendly against MM - we'll try and get some decent comms going. Hmmm, we'll see.

Fox of the Week
If your the proud owner of IE4 then enjoy the comedy flying fox, catch it and get to see the fox of the week ! ;-).

DFC Fixture List Live
We now have a Fixtures page - should have been there from the start really.
Any clan member can add a fixture.
Note that the opposition clan name is a URL (if they have a site) so it makes checking our enemy out a bit easier :)

LOC File and Comms Update
Clansmen - the proxy LOC files and map specific chat files have been updated. Get them from the usual place before Sunday's match vs MM at 9:00pm.
(The map specific chat files have been zipped up into one file - unzip over your current versions)

DFC vs WZ Friendly
DFC chalk up a victory in their friendly against Wizzzard, although network conditions were far from ideal. Report and piccies available.

Wizzzard Friendly
The friendly tomorrow against Wizzzard is definitely ON. The match starts at 9:00pm, so meet in IRC at 8:45pm.
New proxy LOC files have been created - get them from the usual place. Thanks to MM-Belgarion for the updated LOCs :)

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